Hailey Baldwin is accused of lies

One of the most popular programs on Western television is considered “Car karaoke”. However, after watching the last issue the audience accused the model Hayley Baldwin (Hailey Baldwin) of a lie. Together with fellow model Kendall Jenner  they passed the lie detector. To question of Kendall, does she like her hair, she responded positively. The detector showed that the artist is not lying. The next question was from Baldwin: “if you Created a fake web page to watch the guy?”

“You know the answer, Yes!” — admitted Kendall.

That’s one of the secrets and disclosed. Who would have thought that Kendall is in charge of this. I remember that it took place in the sixth grade. Interestingly, a model followed by Ben Simons (Ben Simmons) or another admirer.

But most importantly — on. Kendall asked her friend if she and her beloved Justin Bieber (Justin Bieber). Apparently, Baldwin was afraid to offend the model and answered “Yes”, but the detector showed more. Upset if Jenner is unclear, she has not filed, but to hear that it is unlikely that someone would be nice. Let’s hope that the machine was wrong.