How to pick up the ring to manicure Tips

Phrase of the legendary Coco Chanel 'A woman's hands are her calling card" simply destined to open the article about the manicure. Nobody could say More precisely rather grand Mademoiselle but because the quote was the same stamp as the "perfect manicure." But how about the fact that your favorite piece of jewelry does not detract from the beauty of nails … and vice versa?

Bred gloss zero, we are not worse than any editor in chief may tell us about the eternal classics like "jacket", "Nydala" and red nail polish on short nails neat form. But what to do if enduring values ​​we sometimes get bored and want to try and diversify your manicure nail-art trend with sequins or some blue-coated with a matte finish? Wear it to your favorite ring with a large stone, or is equivalent to signing the fashion verdict? Silver and black lacquer will give to you the trend setter or a fan of gothic art-house? A red nails and a gold ring in 2017 – is still "too much"? Investigated.

Mon amour: French manicure

Classic "french" is universal – it safely to wear any rings with it: thin, broad, three-dimensional, carved; with Swarovski crystals that mode in all weathers; with gorgeous ocean blue corundum and alluring brilliance of diamonds. In short, the French manicure and your ring is not "quarrel", and you will not be accused of bad taste – for any possible scenario. Decorations for a French manicure Decorations for a French manicure

What tenderness: light pink or flesh-colored lacquer

Anyone, no matter how skilled a Manicurist say, "Nude" color nail lengthens fingers and never let you down – you put on a business suit or a dress made of brocade and velvet. But here is not without its subtleties: nail pinkish hue looks spectacular with blue stones, flesh – excellent company for large rings of the original, but at the same time does not cause the design, such as enamel. Beige or pastel pink nail polish – a good base for experimentation, though with pitfalls: your skin should be flawless, otherwise bright manicure reveal the world all of its minor defects. Decoration under pink lacquer Decoration under pink lacquer

Lady in red: red lacquer

Classic red has long been deprived of the status of the official paraphernalia vamp – wear it is possible and necessary, and on a clear \ rainy day, and at the party with a quiet and solemn glaring at dusk chandeliers. Remember necessary one: scarlet nails length of three centimeters is now the same unfashionable as platformers word "vamp". But the short, well-groomed, neat square shape with gently rounded corners – on the contrary, give to you a girl who on a confident "you" both timeless classics and the latest trends. Ring to scarlet – just do not jewelry: if the metal is precious, but any additional embellishment – missing. Decoration under the red manicure Decorations for red manicure

On the dark side: black or any dark paint

You do not want to look languid gothic princess, barely returned from the basement rock party – and will not. Black and blue – flashy and contrasting and seemingly after the manicure should approach the casket with ornaments with a banner "easier, better." But no: adopt, take the rule of "like to like", and remember that dark paint, being in itself a strong accent, contrary to the laws of the genre, and the company requires appropriate: inconspicuous thin rings immediately deprives a touching appeal and renowned elegance, but more major permits peacefully coexist side by side. But with bright stones with dozens of faces careful – weighing the whole image, turn you from an elegant lady in a lover seem prim and older lady. Decoration under black lacquer How to choose jewelry to manicure?

Bright weekdays: color combinations

rainbow palette can be represented on the hands, without giving any advantage to one color: the good, the fingers – 10, and the color is not forbidden to repeat. Last summer may settle on your marigolds as they inspired design – with bright colors, a riot of colors "gouge-eye" and unprecedented combinations, but to repeat this experiment with decorations is not necessary. If you are a little painted in rainbow nail colors and want to "bump" on the compliments for sure, the game is not with the content but with the form of: a ring having in the "composition" a precious diamond or ruby ​​Forget characterized straightforward geometric pattern – love. Ideas for a combination of bright nail polish and jewelry


The disco: sequins

From school discos – long runways: one of the designers did not teach us that sparkles – not moveton and independent accessory that can make "shine" the entire image? Bdit rule: "slozhnosochinonny manicure (ie, not monochromatic pastel) – simple ring." And vice versa. Unlike paints the night sky of the southern colors, with glitter works without reservations. Makinyur glitter


Flight of fancy: nail art


Fan of the trend is sometimes difficult to resist before he once again did not decorate their nails another fashion (in the words of a favorite print periodicals) nail art. Have already been glued nails with rhinestones, your nails with stickers, nail with the granules (so-called "Caviar Manicure") nails, covered with flock (velvet powder with short fibers) … If you believe that there is still something to surprise and love extreme (puzzled looks familiar and unfamiliar) – go for it. If you want to pass an apologist developed imagination and taste, rather than provocation – try on fashion, and fun options like in the image below. They're pretty self-sufficient, but when the soul requires creativity and image – matching dress code the most fashionable party of the year, let the risk and know that the fashion police, he will surely be justified. Gold jewelry under unusual manicure Decoration under unusual manicure

Long or short …

YES: short length natural nails completely shown rings with most unusual design.

NO: forget about them, if you prefer to rather long nails and look at the refined gold and silver ring with tiny stones.

YES: dial-trend (wearing multiple rings simultaneously) – is still a trend. But the ring should be no frills – thin and minimalist.

NO: if you want to surprise the audience of one of the dinner parties all the contents of your box with the family jewels – to urgently look into the passport. We find the line "Her Majesty the Queen of England?" If not, give up the idea.

YES: short nails with black glossy or matte nail polish and matching all the rules textured rings. NO: long nails with black rings artificially (but not neatly) aged silver with elements of rock culture: bones, skulls, chains, spikes and canines. Sharps in this case, are subject to seizure. Let's share "recipes" favorite combination of rings and nail polish in the comments!

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