Is Yana Kudryavtseva Single? The Olympic Gymnast Has A Mysterious Love Life


Life of gymnast artists is always under special control. Team head coach – Irina Viner approves or disapproves of the potential candidates. Russian gymnast Margarita Mamun, who brilliantly performed at the Olympic Games in Rio, dates the swimmer Alexander Sukhorukov bout three years. A swimmer and Margarita Mamun got engaged at the Olympic Ball, which was held at the Central Exhibition Hall “Manege”.

Rita shares photos and videos with the caption: “Every day with you is a Valentine’s Day” and Sasha calls her “my little girl” or “baby tiger”.

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Athletes rarely manage to be together. Most often, even on holidays gymnast and swimmer spend at the training camp, and congratulate each other on “Instagram”.

But the personal life of Rita’s girlfriend, silver medalist of the Olympic Games in Rio – Yana Kudryavtseva – is still under wraps. In all the interviews on questions about her personal life she says: “I am a serious girl. I have studying, training, competitions. I will think about marriage after graduation…”

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Yana shares photos with her friends. And subscribers are wondering, maybe gymnast is alone again?

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A few months ago, fans wondered if Yana dated CSKA basketball player Mikhail Kulagin.

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Gymnast shared photos of the phone’s screen with the song “This is Love”, and tagged basketball player with the caption: “on the same wavelength.” However, Mikhail’s Page was private, and Yana was the only one that knew whether or not he responded. Even while training in camp, Yana did not forget about Kulagin – she drew hearts and wrote his nickname on sand.

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Yana spoke only once abput her boyfriend and even then said only a few words: “He is not very famous, but he has a great potential.” A basketball player showered Yana with beautiful bouquets of roses and a huge teddy bears.

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On his page Mikhail also shared pictures of their everyday life. He called Kudryavtseva “Yana Alekseevna”. 

Kudryavtseva used to watch basketball matches online, always wearing a T-shirt with the name of Kulagin.

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Kulagin’s shirts – small weakness of the gymnast. She walked around the house and even slept in it.

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Girlfriends of Yana wished them to “love and be loved.” However, within a year, the girl deleted all the photos of Misha from her “instagram” .

Separated. They say it’s all about Kulagin’s cheating – Yana’s been told he was spotted with one girl, then with another. Kudryavtseva is “terribly jealous woman”, she could not forgive. After a few days Yana began to share photos of luxury bouquets and gifts. Subscribers wondered: “made up with Misha?”

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Within a week Yana told the secret. Now she’s with another athlete – Zenith player Artur Yusupov.

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And now Yana wears new sportswear – Russian national football team. She wears a T-shirt with Artur Yusupov’s number at Euro 2016.

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Close friend called them “the perfect couple”.

Yana  began to share joint holiday pictures, asking Arthur to be by her side forever.

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Arthur showered her with teddy bears, and gymnast shares photos with them. 

Photo: © / kudryavtseva_y

Three weeks before the Olympics, the network has a sad picture of Yana, who is sitting on the windowsill with the caption: “I hate for the fact that I am not near you!”

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Training, work on the program, preparation for the Olympics. And no new photos of Arthur or gifts. And there were new rumores – separated or not?

But things became clear when Yana took silver in Rio. Zenit player wrote a post in which he congratulated the gymnast.

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Yana and Artur send heart emojis to each other.

Now fans of the gymnasts and football players are wondering when Yana Kudryavtseva and Artur will play the wedding.

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