Jasmine spoke about the beauty injections

39-year-old singer Sarah Manahimova, better known as Jasmine, openly spoke about the beauty injections. According to her, she spares no effort to preserve youth.

The singer is often asked how she manages to keep her skin young and fresh. Fans believe that their idol uses Botox. She noted that she sees "nothing wrong with this."

Today, she has three children. Each time after giving birth, she visibly puts on weight, but never gives up. She actively goes to the sauna and hammam, tries to eat right, plays sports. After giving birth to a 3rd child she managed to lose nine kilos. She is not going to stop.

During pregnancy, the singer used almond oil. She regularly rubbed different creams on her face, used maks "masks, peelings." 

Jasmine admitted that she got the "beauty injections", but only on the forehead. Later, she realized that "it is not her thing," because if you overdo it, you will look frozen or mask like.

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