Katerina Shpitsa has drastically changed her look (photo)


Russian blockbuster Star Katerina Shpitsa has always had long natural brown hair, which she has never cut short, as evidenced by the photo, which she recently shared on her Instagram with the caption:

"Photo taken five years ago. I am looking for the author, answer me, Oh bright memories! A friend dug up today in the archives. Friends, Spring is coming! "

Today, however, she has shared an unexpected picture: Katerina is seen with a completely new look – with a bob hairstyle, bangs and … with red hair shade!

Some followers immediately compared actress with Lila – heroine of Milla Jovovich in the film "The Fifth Element" – and jokingly suggested that she starred in the sequel, and the other asked: "Is this Margarita and Behemoth?"

So far, however, it is unknown whether Katerina got her hair cut or wears a wig, and also unknown purpose of change – for herself or for a new role. The main thing – a positive response is already provided!


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