The word "Meow" appeared on the inside of the lower lip of the model

Kendall Jenner got another tattoo, this time on the inside of the lower lip. Now there is engraved the word Meow, «meow." Snapshot showing a new tattoo, well known tattooist JonBoy published on Instagram. In the photo taken in JonBoy's salon, Kendall looks in the mirror, showing her new "decoration."

We know that Kendall likes to visit her favorite tattoo master every time she is in New York. Over the past six months, she got several tattoos – a point on one of the fingers, as well as the heart of the inner side of the middle finger of one hand. Heart was done on the initiative of Kendall's friends, Hailey Baldwin, and is a symbol of friendship between the two girls.

Tattoos of Kendall Jenner