Kira Plastinina openly spoke about her husband


24-year-old founder of the famous fashion brand has ceased to conceal her relationship with the American financier Trey Wallette

In late January, Kira Plastinina married businessman Trey Wallette. The celebration lasted for three days in a Mexican hotel Viceroy Riviera Maya. Kira finally told about her husband in an interview with Harper’s Bazaar.

“Weэ’ve known each other for 11 years – studied together in the Anglo-American School in Moscow. We were just friends, but started dating 8 years ago  From the earliest days of our friendship, I felt that this is a special person in my life. But it took time to understand what place he will take in my life. My youth was eventful and emotional and our strong relationships helped me a lot”.

Last year Kira’s beloved helped her to survive the failure: her company “Kira Plastinina Style” went bankrupt, so that the Kira Plastinina brand has ceased to exist. However, the daughter of billionaire Sergei Plastinin is not going to give up. Recently, she received an MBA from Columbia University and now teaches a course on fashion business in Dallas College.

Photo: Instagram, Starface

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