Margarita Mamun and Alexander Sukhorukov: Inside Their Love Story

After winning the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro gymnast Margarita Mamun got two offers that were hard to resist. Thus, she became the bride of the swimmer Alexander Sukhorukov, and the Ambassador of the Italian brand Intimissimi in Russia.

Swimmer Alexander Sukhorukov has never hidden his intentions:

"Rita and I have been together for three years, of course, I thought about the wedding". He did not lie. He proposed to Margarita at the Olympic Ball, in the presence of friends and the media. "I am in complete shock", – admitted Margarita. In an interview the couple tells their romantic story.

Margarita Mamun and Alexander Sukhorukov 

Guys, how did you meet?

Margarita. This happened in 2013 at the Universiade in Kazan. All the teams lived in the same building. When I first saw Sasha, I had a deja vu: it was a feeling that we met before. It turned out that Sasha felt the same. We often remember our first meeting.

Alexander. Me and the guys walked into the dining room, and the girls – from the dining room.

Alexander,  there were plenty of girls there, but you paid attention to Margarita?

Yes. Then I found her in the social networks, and we began corresponding on the Internet. After the Universiade, Rita went to Moscow – to prepare for the World Cup, and I flew to America to train. We started dating only six months later.

Margarita, did you have any idea that Alexander was going to make you a proposal?  

Margarita. The day before we were together in the Altai, rested, recovered. The last days Sasha was not himself, and I suspected that something was wrong. (Laughs.) But didn't bother asking questions. I thought: let him do what he was up to.  However, I did not expect that everything would happen exactly at the Olympic Ball. This was really a surprise!

Alexander. Initially I was going to make a proposal on the stage, but the last time the organizers denied me for technical reasons.

Margarita. But Sasha did not give up. (Laughs.)

Alexander. As a result, it all happened in the lobby. But it's even better. The guests came into the hall, there were only our friends and the media. (Smiles.)

How d id you choose a ring?

Alexander. Consulted, called a friend, I was looking for the right size. Phoning shops, then went through them. Everywhere said: "No, we don't have a smaller size."  

Margarita. I have a very thin fingers. We have joked about this topic, I said: "Sasha, I have a very small size." (Laughs.)

Alexander. In the end, I found the right ring. I came to Rita's mother, asked permission. Everything was as it should be.

What kind of wedding do you want?

Margarita. I want everything to be like a movie: Sasha stands in a flower arch, I go to him down the path … Somehow. Every bride dreams of a magnificent white dress with a veil. But this is not my style. I do not know which dress to choose.

What about the honeymoon?

Margarita. White sand, blue sea.

Alexander. This winter, we had a rest in Dubai. Maybe we'll go there again. I have a story connected with the Emirates in 2010, I became the world champion there. The warmest memories: Americans were beaten. (Smiles.)

Margarita Mamun and Alexander Sukhorukov

Alexander Sukhorukov and Margarita Mamun

You both are professional athletes, leaders in character. Do not argue, who's boss?

Alexander. We immediately agreed that w e do not show our characters. We leave them in the gym.

Margarita. In fact, the sport connects us. Only Sasha understands how I feel on the eve of the competition, how much I get tired after workouts.

Are you going to go to the Olympic Games in Tokyo?  

Margarita. It is too early to think. There is a will, of course. Otherwise, what are we training for? For those few minutes on the podium, when the whole country is proud of you.

Alexander. At this point, I feel incredible pride.

Margarita. Especially when the entire audience singing the anthem along with you. (Smiles.) In addition, Tokyo – one of my favorite cities. Every year I go there for the Club World Championship.  I have a great support team in Japan. The city itself is just fantastic – I love Ginza and Harajuku, Tokyo Resurrection Cathedral.

Margarita Mamun 

Have you already thought, what you will do after your sports career?

Margarita. Not yet. It's hard to find yourself in something else, if you have been training since you was about 7 years old. Recently I became the Ambassador of the Italian brand Intimissimi and insanely happy about it! this is something new and interesting for me. Now shooting for magazines, I go to social events, parties. In the past year, I traveled to Verona, attended the Intimissimi On Ice show. I was very impressed. Sasha supports me in everything.

Aleksander. Yes, Rita sometimes takes me with her. As a security guard. (Laughs.)

Margarita, Alexander does not mind that you're shooting for magazines in underwear?

I grew up in a Muslim family, so I have a clear boundary, which is permissible, and that – not. Even underwear shooting can look restrained, dignified, noble. I do not think we have any disagreement with Sasha in this regard.

Margarita Mamun and Alexander Suhorukov