Maria Pogrebnyak is accused of having plastic surgery


Excessive plastic surgery and beauty treatments make some celebrities look like dolls. One of the most beautiful womens of players – Maria Pogrebnyak is accused of having plastic surgeries.

Maria won first place in the ranking of the most beautiful wifes of Russian football players last year, according to StarHit readers, and we must say,  she is worthy of her title: she has beautiful hair, deep gray-green eyes, glowing skin, flawless figure. Only now, apparently, "No limit to perfection" is pretty much her motto: spouse of "Dynamo" defender  Pavel Pogrebnyak and mother of three boys constantly modifies her appearance. And she does it so hard that fans no longer recognize her. And, of course, they ask 28-year-old girl to come back the natural beauty, before it is too late. Other commentators are not so delicate: they call Maria "Mukla" and "rubber Zina." While, however, among the nearly half a million followers of Pogrebnyak there are those who sincerely admires her "Barbie" image. We wonder what her eminent husband thinks about it.