Maxim Galkin told that his daughter Liza is afraid of Philip Kirkorov


In the "Illusion" cinema hosted the annual ceremony of "Event of the Year." During his speech, Maxim Galkin told that his daughter Lisa is afraid of Philip Kirkorov.

Philip himself did not receive any awards, but gave the longest speech. After that Maxim Galkin was trying to top Kirkorov's story and told the little detail of family life.

His daughter, Lisa is afraid of Philip Kirkorov and runs away from him. Galkin did not call the reasons for such behavior of 3-year-old Lisa.

At the very same 5-th awards ceremony, "Event of the Year", which was held on December 8 was attended by many Russian stars, who were presented the award for their achievements in music and cinema. Maxim Galkin was presented the award for the victory in the nomination "TV person of the year," Mikhail Boyarsky for "master-class of the year." The best actress of the year was Cat Shpitsa, who starred in five projects at the same time.