Mel Gibson told about his new lover


60-year-old actor Mel Gibson talked about the fact that his new lover was the 26-year-old Rosalind Ross. He also noted that the age difference doesn't bother them at all.

Hollywood star Mel Gibson is one of the most recognizable characters in the world of cinema. His multimillion-dollar fees are the envy of many colleagues in the shooting area, and the chosen one is the standard of beauty and perfection. This time the situation has not changed and the new girl could boast not only a good figure and appearance, but also a great plasticity, as she is acrobat. It was with her Gibson appeared at the ceremony of the Golden Globes, and now decided to give a full interview with reporters in which he spoke of their love for each other. When asked about the large age difference between them, Gibson responded very cliché: "True love knows no age." He mentioned wisdom of Rosalind Ross, who, based on his words, adult and intelligent beyond her years.

Through interview, it became known that the pair have been dating for the past two years. When asked about the possibility of wedding, the actor did not talk too much and refused to comment on their marriage.

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