Model Emily Ratajowski presented dance for the “Love” magazine

The famous fashion model Emily Ratajowski appeared in a candid photo session and video shoot for a popular Love magazine. Glossy Love magazine recently invited different celebrities to shoot a video. Emily Ratajkowski was one of the first of them. They shared more photos and the video, in which Emily beautifully performs a dance with elements of eroticism.

Popular beauty, fashion business star Ratajkowski, has a very beautiful shape, which was emphasized by swimsuit and underwear. Emily Ratajowski says, she loves her beautiful body, and do not see anything shameful in the fact that the others will be able to see it.  It is known that Emily has previously starred in similar videos and has a huge collection of photographs.

Emily Ratajowski regularly publishes works of art for her fans on Instagram. Many photographers working with models, just dream about joint cooperation with this young model.