New Maison Bohemique Demi Couture lookbook


Design duo Maison Bohemique presented a collection of Demi Couture # 17. Femininity and sexuality at this time have been reflected in the silhouettes of dresses, jackets and leather jackets. Sure, the muses of fashion designers Paulina Andreeva, Anna Chipovskaya and Svetlana Ustinova already tried on all the spectacular images.

Maison Bohemique Demi Couture # 17 Press Service

The capital's fashionista always look forward to release another collection of Maison Bohemique – of course, not everybody can afford the cost. Designers who still prefer to hide their names and faces from the general public, remained true to their corporate identity and have focused on sexuality. 


Actress Paulina Andreeva wearing Maison Bohemique

Maison Bohemique Demi Couture # 17 Press Service

Lame, crepe, French lace, silk taffeta, cotton velvet, chiffon, this time supplemented by bulk embroidered with rhinestones, sequins and beads and decorated with ostrich feathers. The central symbol of the collection is the heart, which appears in almost each of the images created by fashion designer – in this case, by the way, the creations of Maison Bohemique tune with Schiaparelli dresses, presented at the last Fashion Week in Paris.

Heroine of the Collection # 17 –  strong, bold and seductive woman. She is not afraid to dictate the rules, do not afraid to be the center of attention. It is noteworthy that the model, who starred for the new brand lookbook, looks like actress Paulina Andreeva. And, by the way, dark-haired beauty appeared in a short black dress, embroidered with glass beads (then, however, many suspected that the beloved of Fyodor Bondarchuk is pregnant). And yes, we can imagine Paulina wearing all the images from the new Maison Bohemique collection.