New name: the Russian brand 10.GRAN jewelry


Gold atoms and silver gears 

Young Russian brand 10.GRAN released first collection of jewelry. Designer Ivan Tengran used symbols of the exact sciences – physics and chemistry – and melted them into gold and silver. Chemical elements turned into brooches and molecules – in rings and earrings. Bestseller-steel gear ring. We figured out how this concept was born and what difficulties a young designer had to overcome.

How it all began

I was looking for the right visual and physical embodiment of my idea. It proved to be a precious metal. Designer jewelry, Maria Stern helped me at first. The production process proved more difficult than I expected, but that interest only grew. The epitome of large items such as brooches and double-ring gear is much more complicated than earrings or minimalist decorations.

About the concept

Coming up with the idea of ​​the first collection, I kept returning to thoughts of some global systems. But what can be more serious and more global than a whole world? I turned to the exact sciences – physics and chemistry, which operates under the laws of all that surrounds us. So there brooches. One of them is a non-existent chemical element. I was looking for a form that would be visually pleasing – so there is a new element that is a component of 10.GRAN jewelry.

Another brooch – a symbol of physics textbook, which probably everyone remembers. Rings are chain molecules on your finger. Gears were created as opposed to mild forms – not only women, but also men buy them. There is a broken chain molecules ring, and most recently appeared ring with the words (eg, Fortuna is and Harmony).

Who creates jewelry 10.GRAN

There is a team of specialists. Workshops are located in Moscow.


Articles made of silver 925, as well as 18 and and 24-carat gold 750-th and 999-th sample. Used gilding and silver jewelry.


Prices of products starting from 8 000 rubles. Brooches can be purchased up to 14 000 (is it the most expensive brand products).

Where can I buy

The concept store Kursovoy (Moscow, Course Lane. 8 / 2b), and directly through the 'Instagram' @

Future plans

Begin to work with precious stones, as well as open the "Location radiant beauty" – a showroom where people can try on jewelry 10.GRAN and fall in love with them.


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