Nicki Minaj delighted with the 19-year-old Russian, copying her image

Nicki Minaj posted photos of her fan – 19-year-old Nikita Pivovarov from Rostov! 

Nicki Minaj loves to publish the best images of her fans. This time the lucky 19-year-old Russian citizen Nikita Pivovarov: he picked up an impressive image of the 33-year-old singer and was able to attract the attention of the rap diva. And here is a picture that was reposted by Nicki Minaj:

"The idea was to make the main image of Minaj 2015-2016 period, in which she often performed, namely her favorite mesh body suits, black hair, black nails, jewelry. I found wig in a hypermarket, bought false nails in the transition, painted, made them sharp. I asked my friends to give me jewelry, but unfortunately, I did not find shoes. It is difficult to find shoes with heels in size 44. I had to go in sneakers, but it does not hurt the effect of my look, – Says Nikita in an interview with the portal And here it look inspired Nicky

According to Nikita Pivovarov, negative feedback does not bother him: they are no more than 10%. Do you like his suit?