Nicky Hilton showed daughter


Nicky Hilton showed daughter. In early July, in one of the hospitals of New York Nicky Hilton became a mother for the first time. Famous diva gave birth to a daughter weighing 3.4 kilograms. Nicky and happy father, James Rothschild did not make a secret of the name of the baby: the girl of the heirs of two dynasties named Lily Grace Victoria.

During pregnancy, Nicky did not try to hide her pregnancy: she often shared new pictures, wore clothes which empasized a rounded belly. However, socialite in no hurry to show her daughter the public.

Just today, Nicky showed baby for the first time! In the photo she shared to Instagram, her daughter is seen wearing cute shoes.

Recall that the 32-year-old model Nicky Hilton and heir to a powerful financial empire James Rothschild became husband and wife in 2015. Now, the couple became parents.