Nikki Reed and Nina Dobrev put an end to rumors about their enmity

There is no love triangle! Recently, Nina Dobrev and Ian Someholder were seen together in Atlanta, where the shooting of the final series of "The Vampire Diaries" took place. In this regard, there were the new wave of rumo rs about the reu nion of the pair, as well as the hostility of Ian's ex-girl Nina and his wife Nikki. But yesterday, the three of them decided to put an end to this outrage! Guys had a dinner and shared with fans the joint photographs. No one was left in no doubt that the guys get along very well with each other. 

Nina, unlike Nikki wrote a very short post. And what to say something else? Ian's wife has already said all that is necessary.

Fans, though pleased that their idol is finally opened eyes of fans to the truth, but their hearts still broken . .. No matter how cute Nikki may be, the fans will always love Nina. Well, that's their right. Well, we believe that Nikki Reed and Ian Somerhalder – a perfect match

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