Olga Buzova got Back into her Fitness Routine after a long break due to illness and depression


31-year-old Olga Buzova has been under a lot of pressure lately. TV presenter and her husband Dmitri Tarasov divorced, then she has been heavily criticized for her creativity. No wonder she said goodbye to sport for a while. However, recently Olga got back on the workout wagon, as reported on her Instagram.

Olga Buzova exercises regularly and often shares photos wit h fans from the gym. However, during the divorce proceedings she fell out of her regular workout routine and has restarted exercising only recently.

«Welcome back. I had a 4 months break .. First it was hard emotionally, then ph ysically, then for health reasons, and the sport was banned by my doctor. All who follows me for a long time, knows that I  can not live without training, and for me it was extremely difficult to miss classes! But health is everything in life, so I followed the advice of a doctor. Hopefully, now the sport will return into my life for a long time», –  wrote Olga.


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