Olga Buzova took a sedative because she could not sleep after divorce


Olga Buzova is going through painful divorce

31-year-old Olga Buzova has not given any exhaustive interviews about what happened in her life after breaking up with 29-year-old Dmitry Tarasov. 

Marriage of Olga Buzova and Dmitri Tarasov seemed perfect until the end of October 2016, when fans have suspected rhat the relationship of Olga Buzova and her husband is not going well. After the official confirmation of the divorce she did not dare to give a frank interview about what happened in her life, and why she decided to part with the player.

"In November, I was left in the street and left without home, I lost my main house: the house where I was happy. I had to go through the scariest thing a girl can think of – moving", told Olga.

"The main task for me – to survive after the pain and betrayal, which tore my heart. I took a sedative to sleep for at least a couple of hours", – Olga remembered.

Buzova explained that after a hard parting with a loved person she had been chased by paparazzi who pursued her even in Spain.