Olga Seryabkina: “I was ashamed of my body when I was 15”

Serebro band recorded the soundtrack to the new reality show “Tomboy” and talked about their teenage complexes. The plot – the story of ten participants from disadvantaged families. Within a few months under the direction of teachers and psychologists girls will try to change their character, give up bad habits, get a chance to radically change their lives. Furthermore, other changes are expected. Stylists will pick up for girls new images, which will help “tomboy” to become a real lady.

Serebro band recorded the track “Heart of a tomboy.” The girls said that it was an unusual experience for them: It was very interesting to record this track, because it’s different from what we usually do. Our songs are lyrical, they differ in terms of melody, text. But I am very glad that we did it: this song carries the internal nature of the rod. I myself wanted to do something powerful, daring after the recording of the song. Soloist Olga Seryabkina said that this topic is very close to her: At the of age 15, I was very ashamed of all my changes, because basically I made friends with boys. Of course, I had girlfriends, but our interests were a little different. Because the girls wanted to go out on dates with the boys, and I was interested to football in the country. I always wore loose shirts or sweatshirts, concealing the shape. I came to study my own feminine essense much later. 

She is supported by colleagues Polina Favorskaja and Katya Kischuk. The girls said that they were also more friends with boys and preferred to dress sporty.

Photo: Instagram

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