Olga Seryabkina told about motherhood and marriage


The soloist of the Serebro band, Olga Seryabkina recently arranged a sensation. The artist presented a solo single, the cover of which was a picture of the female reproductive organs. The audience was shocked, some bloggers rather sarcastically discussing Olga's libido. However, as recognized by the singer, she threw herself into work and does not think about her personal life.  

Recently Seryabkina gave a frank interview in which she admitted that at the moment she is not interested in creating a family. She is ready to talk about motherhood and marriage, but only in theory.

"A child should not prevent woman from feeling sexy. But life, of course, should be adjusted. But I do not know what it is to be "mom" – I do not have a husband and children. And it is not clear when I will get a family. When I was 25 years, I thought I was ready for family life. But then my hormones had stopped to act up. Probably, all in good time", – said the actress.

In any case, Olga added that she hopes to meet the man of her dreams. If necessary, she is ready to even change some of her beliefs for the sake of an interesting guy.

"If I wanted badly, I could have prepared mentally. But, probably, I just have not met the right guy to breathe out and say "Well, that's it." I am sure, that at the moment everything has to be that way".

Photo from Instagram of SEREBRO

31-year-old lead singer of SEREBRO Olga Seryabkina said in a new interview about why the family is not a priority for her. Olga Seryabkina rarely shares the details of her personal life, but now decided to respond immediately to any suspicion of numerous affairs: according to the singer, she is still in search of a caring and understanding partner. A few years ago the singer dreamed of a family, but that goal has become sidelined. Now Seryabkina is preparing to publish a book, which will include her poems and prose. The publication will be released in March this year.

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