Olympic champion Aliya Mustafina expects a child

Relatives of famous athletes told that two-time Olympic gymnastics champion Aliya Mustafina and silver medalist of the European Championship in bobsleigh Alexey Zaitsev will soon become parents.

About the upcoming changes reported father of 22-year-old gymnast, Farhat Mustafin, formerly known as champ in Greco-Roman wrestling. Champion's father also said he was pleased with his son in law, who comes from hard-working family.

"Parents of Alexey used to farm, they are now retired. There are four brothers in the family, Alex is the youngest."

It was reported that the leader of the Russian national artistic gymnastics Aliya Mustafina and bobsledder Aleksey Zaitsev got married at the beginning of November 2016. The newlyweds live in Moscow, wh ere Aliya has her own separate apartment. 

Inimitable Aliya Mustafina, who won at the Olympics in Rio just three medals – gold, silver and bronze, has not informed about her wedding even a personal trainer. He learned about it from the Internet. Young couple decided not to invite the press, the wedding was held in a narrow circle of relatives and friends.

Aliya and Alex met by accident – they were sent with injuries to the same hospital. In November 2015 there Mustafina had a knee surgery, and Zaitsev recovered from hip injury. Gymnast remained depressed, even had the idea to retire – Aliya was sure  she will not have time to prepare for the Olympics. But her boyfriend pulled her from darkest thoughts. Alex gave her flowers and sweets, constantly amused  and told interesting stories. The girl was captivated by Alex and invited him to celebrate New Year at her home in Moscow. It was an unforgettable night! And on January 1 Alex flew to the US in the international tournament.

Later, he surprised Mustafina several times, appearing without warning on the basis of gymnastics "Round Lake". After finishing training, Aliya, a little embarrassed, went on a date. Eventually Mustafina realized she was more attracted to this guy. One day she met Zaitsev at Sheremetyevo airport, when he did not expect this. Aliya that day had two workouts, but the gymnast has united them into one (longer than usual) and rushed to the aircraft. Alex was touched.

Bobsledder Zaitsev can be proud of just one achievement in the sport. He was silver medalist at the European Championship in the competition-fours beans. Mustafina has much more titles. She is the double Olympic champion, three-time world champion and five-time European champion. As they say, feel the difference.

But Alex fell in love so he dedicates verses to her. Still, after Aliya Mustafina is pregnant! This is what the father of Aliya, Farhat Mustafin told:

"My daughter will give birth in the summer. Doctors say that in July. They don't know baby's gender. – told Farhat Ahatovich. – They have no time for that. My son in law comes from hard-working family. Parents of Alex used to farm, they are now retired. There are four brothers. So, Alex is the youngest. The wedding was held in early November. They are living in Moscow, my daughter has a separate apartment. She is ready to become a mother".



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