Pamela Anderson has changed beyond recognition due to plastic surgery (photo)

Photography: Social Networks

49-year-old actress left audiences slightly surprised when she appeared at a gala evening, hosted by Sean Penn, where she came with her son. Another celebrity could not resist the temptation to be forever young: Pamela Anderson has changed beyond recognition after a series of surgical procedures. The face of once the most sexy blonde in the world now resembles a grotesque mask. Colleagues barely recognized Pamela at a gala evening of Sean Penn, which he arranges each year before the "Golden Globe" for the victims of the earthquake in 2010, the residents of Haiti. Because of repeated blepharoplasty (Eyelid Surgery – Ed…). Anderson's eyes acquired a different size and now do not open fully.  Pamela's face is almost froxen: multiple injections helped her to get rid of the hated actress wrinkles, but deprived the opportunity to laugh and show her famous Hollywood smile.

Photography: Social Networks 

Photography: Social Networks.





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