Photoshoot of Victoria Bonya and Alena Shishkova caused a scandal in Dubai


Hotel Waldorf Astoria Dubai Palm Jumeirah, where the number costs not less than a thousand dollars a day, wants to stop Russian models putting hotel name for their geo tags on Instagram. According to the hotel management, Russian girls harm the reputation of institutions. The last straw was a candid photoshoot for a clothing brand of designer Anna D’AngelAnn Chibisova with the participation of Victoria Bonia (37), Anna Kalashnikova (32) and Alena Shishkova (24)

Viktoria Bonya, Alena Shishkova

Hotel managers complain they represent the hotel in a totally wrong light.

“This is an Arab country, – they said. – We are constantly getting complaints from families with children. We do not want them to geotag themselves in our hotel. Let them put the place simply as “Dubai”. 

One of the models, Anna Kalashnikova, said she does not share inappropriate photos.

This hotel was chosen by Russian models long time ago – Dasha March, Lily Ermak, Alina Akilov (22) and Alina Lobachyova (21) were spotted among the regular attendees Their Instagram is full of seductive photos and candid selfie.

It seems that if the girls want to continue to rest in the Waldorf Astoria, they will have to fulfill the condition of the hotel management.