Polina Gagarina: 10 facts about me that nobody knows

The singer and actress, the judge of "The Voice" Polina Gagarina shared facts about herself, which, despite her popularity, hardly known to the general public.

1. In the morning, it is not necessary to wake me up early. And anyway, you really don't want to mess with me until I finally wake up!

2. I have never watched the movie "Seventeen Moments of Spring" from beginning to end.

3. I have a dream to go to Norway and see the fjords.

4. I have never kept a diary.

5. I always cry when I watch the movie "The Notebook" 

6. I hate oysters. Slimy muck!

7. I wanted to go to a concert of Michael Jackson.

8. There is no a single thing in green in mylocker room 

9. I would love to play a Bond girl.

10. My husband is afraid of cockroaches!

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