PR-manager of Lindsay Lohan refused to work for the actress

Hunter Frederick, who was previously known as PR-manager of the actress Lindsay Lohan, refused to continue working with her. About this he wrote on his page on Twitter.

Frederick said that now he does not know exactly how he can bring back the popularity of Lohan. In addition, the actress also refused his services. According to the manager, now she continues to spend a large amount of time at parties, not paying attention to the work.

“No one can predict what will come to Lohan’s head next time. I just can not do anything in order to return her former popularity. Today she is in good spirits and wants to rebuild her life, and tomorrow you do not know how she will end the day “- Frederick wrote on his page.

The manager explained that it’s all because of Lindsey’s addiction to alcohol. After several serious scandals with a specialist, he decided that he could not perform the role of PR manager for such client as Lindsay Lohan.