Pregnant Polina Gagarina is trying to get rid of excess weight

Pregnant singer Polina Gagarina is trying to get rid of excess weight. Some time ago there were rumors on the web about the pregnancy of the performer, as many have noticed that Polina Gagarina put on weight.

Earlier news reports stated that Polina Gagarina is pregnant, trying to hide her baby bump behind clothes. Although the singer's representative said that Gagarina is not pregnant. After the singer returned from vacation, she has reported that she put a few extra kilos on vacation. The singer explained that she will get rid of the extra weight.

Fans supported Paulina, noting that her shape did not change. According subscribers Gagarina looks as good as looked before. Pop diva shared a photo with the caption: "Get rid of Maldivian kilograms." 

In fact, it is impossible to guess whether actress is pregnant, or just put a few extra kilos. She does not show her belly in the photos, so fans can only guess will Polina Gagarina become a mom for the second time.



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