“Quotes” from Tchaikovsky and Pushkin in Axenoff Jewellery fairy collection

A pair of fabulous tiaras and a dozen of earrings

Petr Aksenoff is known as the main supplier of tiaras for the beautiful women in Moscow and other major fashionistas who value ​​art history and costume drama  above streetstyle. This time Axenoff Jewellery released the collection "The Swan Princess", or – for the Western market – The Swan Fairytales. Here you can find modest fairy tales of Pushkin, and both crowned Swan from Tchaikovsky's ballet, and memories of Ludwig II – King of Bavaria, called the "fairy-tale". You know him as a customer of the magic Neuschwanstein castle. 

"Quotes" from Tchaikovsky and Pushkin in fairytale collection by Axenoff Jewellery

There, you can find hat pins in the form of feathers, which is easy to imagine on the lapel of female tuxedo. Three spectacular tiaras, crown with a pair of swans, Bandeu plumage with pearl – a la the early Art Deco – and a simple crown in the style of the French Restoration. Of course, the earrings with cameos and enamel medallions and a lot of spectacular fantasy chadeliers. This time there are no everyday jewelry, and we understand why  – you do not go to a Bolshoi theater or to a ball every day.