Red Carpet: Ravshana Kurkova

Young Russian actresses demonstrate impeccable sense of taste not only on the red carpet of film festivals, but also in everyday life. A heroine of our column Ravshana Kurkova chooses outfits even for her roles in the movie. The actress learned how to combine femininity and simplicity.

Clothing of lighter shades provides a nice contrast with Ravshana's exotic look. Beige, cream, pale pink – the actress gives them preference in her looks, which, incidentally, never go unnoticed. Red carpet looks of Kurkova are carefully examined.

Ravshana is often the image of a schoolgirl choosing light flying dresses and blouses with a collar of delicate fabrics. Oxford in tone and girlish braid complement the look. According to the actress, the dress – the most practical and necessary thing in the wardrobe of any girl. She recommends paying attention to accessories and use them to change the way during the day.

There are a lot of unusual things in Ravshana's wardrobe. The actress admits that loves to visit this exclusive small shops in Europe. The brand name is not important.

Simplicity and femininity perfectly characterize the style of Ravshana Kurkova, who believes that it is not worth chasing fashion. Perhaps this is the secret!