Ricky Martin in Moscow tried churchkhela and taught Urgant to dance

Ricky Martin and Ivan Urgant

Instargram / vecherniy_urgant

10 years after his last visit to Moscow, the Puerto Rican singer Ricky Martin came to Moscow again. As part of his world tour One World Tour singer will give a solo concert in the "Ice Palace" Legends Park. And of course, Ricky could not help but go to Ivan Urgant. 44-year-old singer appeared in the studio of "Evening Urgant" show.

Martin said that the past 15 months he is performing concerts worldwide, and his children, eight-year twins Valentino and Matteo are traveling with him. According to stellar father, guys are so accustomed to a life on the road, that once they stay in some city for more than three days, th ey start wondering when the journey will continue. During the tour, the singer had to go to America, Mexico, Canada, Australia, and even drove in Sochi for the contest "New Wave". There he stayed for only one day, but he had to estimate the local beauty. According to Ricky, he liked Russian resort. The stellar guest was treated to national Sochi dish – churchkhela. 

Instargram / vecherniy_urgant

Knowing that the singer was a mentor of the Russian analogue of "Voice" – The Voice project in Australia, Ivan offered to guess the voices of teachers of the fifth  season of the show: Polina Gagarina, Leonid Agutin, Dima Bilan and Grigory Leps. To the surprise of the audience, Martin was able to correctly guess the voices of stellar jury.

At the end of the show the singer was trying to teach Urgant Latin American movements.

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