Role Model: Elena Perminova

Model, it-girl, favorite of secular photographers and caring mother Elena Perminova is engaged in charity, education of her children, social and fashion activities. With all that she always manages to look stylish and modern. We inspired by image of Lena and found out why she has become the icon of street-style. 

Leggy Perminova can afford even the ultra-shorts – and often allows. She does not look vulgar even a mini-skirt and boots, thanks to her model figure and the ability to pick up a stylish addition to the look.

Lena admits that does not spend a lot of money on clothes. Designers often send her things from new collections and fashion houses admire the way Perminova looks.

Vintage and must have things Lena buys in all corners of the world. Perminova likes to wear unique things with their history. The girl likes much more young brands, rare specimens and individuality. 

If this is not a secular party, you're ever to see Perminova with a bright make-up. Blonde prefers naturalness that it certainly suits her very much. 

Lena Perminova herself  believes that it is important to be feminine in any way. Hence the love of flying dresses, lace and feathers.

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