Rooney Mara dates Joaquin Phoenix

According to foreign media reports, Rooney Mara dates Joaquin Phoenix. They started an affair while filming "Mary Magdalene", in which Rooney plays the role of Mary herself, and Joaquin – the role of Jesus Christ. According to the insider publication of New York Post, Joaquin and Rooney even decided to skip the ceremony of "Golden Globe" to be alone.

While eyewitnesses claim that the novel of Rooney and Joaquin started at the end of last year, a spokesman for the Phoenix insists that they're just friends, and insists that they have become friends during shooting the film "Her". In Italy, where the shooting took place, Rooney and Joaquin also often seen together on walks and on the balcony of their room.

Rooney Mara Joaquin Phoenix

Neither Rooney nor Joaquin does not like to tell the press about their personal life. We only know that Rooney has been dating the director Charlie McDowell for six years, but recently the pair ceased to appear together, and therefore the media are confident in their parting. Joaquin is only admitted in an interview:

"I have never had a relationship that would end with broken hearts or accusations. I once had unrequited love. I said "I love you" and did not get it back. I have never had a broken heart". 

Joaquin Phoenix and Rooney Mara in the movie "Her" 

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