SELENA GOMEZ AND THE WEEKND spend romantic holidays in Italy


Photos of the couple leave no doubt that they are in love! On Friday, the network leaked photos of Selena, and Abel, who rest in Italy. Paparazzi managed to capture a sweet couple in Florence. Musicians do not hide their relationship and enjoy Italian vacation: walk, dine in restaurants, and even take pictures with local fans. Fans of Selena are very happy for her and do not consider her relationship with The Weeknd PR. But fans of the singer do not like Selena . But … just look at these pictures! It seems that the guys are really happy. 

"Selena looks so happy with Abel. And I'm happy for her heart. All the rest does not matter".

Recall that neither Selena nor Abel has not officially confirmed their relationship. However, so did Zane with Gigi, who, as we know, now are fine. These holidays should obviously inspire musicians, we expect them to make new successful projects and write incendiary songs! Maybe a duet? ..