Sergey Lazarev: 10 facts about me that nobody knows

 1. I shaved for the first time at the age of 14, because I had "peach fuzz" on my upper lip. But now, when I became an adult, I hate to shave.

2. I have a bit unusual hands – a little longer than that of ordinary people. I sew costumes to order because all the models presented in the stores are short for me. 

3. I have a big scar on my right knee. I got it when I was walking with a dog. She jerked the leash, I fell and cut myself on the glass.

4. I have dog, which I took from a shelter – a mongrel named Daisy. In a sense, she has become my muse, inspired to start my own business. Now I'm the owner of the pastry shop for cats and dogs "Poodle-strudel", where you can buy desserts for our pets.

5. As a child I was seriously engaged in sports – I have 1st junior level in gymnastics. 

6. I graduated from the Moscow Art Theater School.

7. I do not like garlic. Yes, and I do not eat onions.

8. I do not like to watch my performances on TV 

9. My lucky number – one. In competitions, I often perform first, and I was born on the first of April.

10. Like many, I am obsessed with TV shows. When I get the chance, I enjoy watching "Game of Thrones" and "Friends."

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