Sergey Lazarev admitted he suffered from phobia


The famous singer Sergey Lazarev admitted he suffered from a mental disorder. On the TV program "Evening Urgant" the actor said he had mysophobia.

Sergey Lazarev accepted his disease after Ivan Urgant asked him, how he prefers to travel around Russia during the tour. It is known that the singer prefers to travel by plane, comfortable bus or car. Lazarev admitted that train is his least favorite form of transportation. Though he has an overlserious dislike of the Rail Transport, he uses trains during a travel around Russia.

Sergey Lazarev's love of cleanliness is the reason of dislikes for trains. The actor said that he inherited this habit from his grandmother. That is why, sitting in the train, Lazarev gets 2-3 extra set of bed linen.

Note that mysophobia is a pathological fear of dirt. It can affect anyone who suffer from obsessive desire for purity.

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