Sergey Lazarev admitted, why he is not married

33-year-old Sergey Lazarev told in an interview to Russian media about his attitude to women and marriage. The singer said that he is not eager to start a family, however, we recall, it did not prevent him not so long ago to become a father.

Sergey Lazarev has refused to start a family in the near future

Sergey Lazarev's Fans are wondering why their favorite singer is not married yet. Rumors and gossip about the singer's personal life only increased when he personally admitted that he has becam e a fatherhis son was born 2.5 years ago. It turns out that Sergey is not ready to tie the knot.

"I have a very high demand on women. I am a perfectionist, and I can get  upset at the slightest thing. Besides, I'm entirely consumed by work, so I am not yet ready to take on a different role.  And I threw myself into work to become even stronger, "- he said in an interview to Glamour magazine.





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