Sergey Lazarev brought his son to the stage


The singer Sergey Lazarev, who had been hiding his child for two and a half years, brought his son to the stage before the concert in St. Petersburg. The singer shared photos on his Instagram.

After the public learned that Sergey Lazarev has a son, the singer stopped hiding the boy. Now the singer takes Nikita with him on tour, and even let his child to run around the stage before the concert in the St. Petersburg. Lazarev shared photo of the heir with the caption: 

"Lazarev Junior is inspecting the scene. Everything is ready for the concert".

The fact that Lazarev has a son became known at the end of December 2016. Actor hid this fact, because he did not want to publicize his personal life. Paparazzi caught Sergey during his visit to one of the Moscow churches. In the video next to the performer is seen a little boy with Sergey's mother. Later it turned out that the baby's name is Nikita, he was born in 2014.

After the information about the heir to the pop artist became known to the general public, journalists, and singer's fans have wondered, who gave birth to Sergey's son. Producer Leonid Dzyunik suggested that the child was born through a surrogate. However, according to the producer, the boy's mother may be a former lover of Lazarev.

"I know a girl he was close friends with. I couldn't swear to it, but she told me that they had a passionate sex." – Producer said. Lazarev's ex-producer rejected the version that the singer's son was born by one of his fans.



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