Sergey Lazarev came up with a story about his son and stopped hiding boyfriend

Not so long ago, Sergey Lazarev announced that he is a happy father of little Nikita.

The fact that Nikita is not the result of a passionate love of Sergey and his mysterious girlfriend, was clear at the very outset. As you know, he assured that he had no time for girls, so that was the most likely version of surrogacy.

Sergey Lazarev came up with a story about his son and stopped hiding boyfriend

As you know, gay men have a way of revealing truths about other gays. So, journalist Sergey Sosedov, who confessed he is gay, in conversation with journalists of the Express newspaper "even doubted that Sergey Lazarev and this boy has something to do".

"In my opinion, it is already smacks of PR . Perhaps, this boy is not even his son. I think if Lazarev really became a father, we would have known about it as soon as the baby was born, rather than two and a half years later. Most likely, he invented this story, like the novel with Lera Kudryavtseva, to hide his sexual orientation. Bu t I do not believe him. It will be better to tell honestly it like it is, and present his new boyfriend than selling us a con job", – shared his thoughts journalist Sergey Sosedov.

These are the revelations from Sergey Sosedov. It seems that members of the gay community should stand for one another, but it turns out that there is disagreement about what is good and what is bad among them.

Well, Sergey Lazarev, meanwhile, shared a photo of his his boyfriend Dmitry Kuznetsov in snow-white shirt.

In the picture shared to Instagram, Lazarev and Kuznetsov are seen seating under palm trees.

And judging by the photographs of slippers, little Nikita was also with them.


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