Sergey Lazarev created the perfect woman


Sergey Lazarev has introduced his new music video "Perfect World." 

November 24 Sergey Lazarev will give a solo concert in Moscow. And on this occasion the artist decided to please fans with the new video. This time the singer has released a video for the song "Perfect World." In the story Sergey performs a scientist who creates the ideal model of a woman. Beautiful appearance and proportions – Lazarev did everything to ensure that the girl was happy. But here's the thing: it turned out that even that fragile woman is able to stand up for herself. As a result, she was kicked out the laboratory of Lazarev.

But then – even more interesting. It turns out that Sergey was not a scientist, but after exile the ideal woman from the laboratory, she appeared in a totally different place, where she met … We will not disclose the intrigue, better look very new creation of Lazarev and leave a comment after watching. We liked the original idea of ​​the clip, and you?