Sergey Lazarev first told about his son: “I am happy to be a dad and raise a son!”

33-year-old Sergey Lazarev made a sensational confession: the singer spoke for the first time about his son, who was born two and a half years ago. After the baby photos taken by paparazzi were leaked online, Lazarev decided to put an end to speculation and rumors and appealed to the public: 

"Life of Public person is always seen under a magnifying glass, causing a lot of conversations, rumors, discussions, often negative emotions and such attention – is a difficult test, even for adults and experienced people, not to mention the small child. That's why me and my family decided to keep a wonderful joyful event a secret, without any representations or advertisements". 

"But today, this sacred event in my personal life became known to the general public. And now there are a huge number of publications, speculation, and gossips. In order not to produce more of them, I want to officially confirm that I am really happy to be a dad and raise a son. BUT I ask to respect the personal life of my family, me and my son, and to preserve our right to privacy. Thank you for your understanding!" (Author's spelling and punctuation preserved – Ed.). 

A message appeared on the official page of the artist on Instagram. Actor has not shared other details about the kid  – we can only guess who gave birth to his son.  

By the way, a friend of the singer and the father of two children, Philip Kirkorov has already congratulated Sergey on "coming-out":

"Welcome to the club, Bro", – Kirkorov wrote on Instagram.

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