Sergey Lazarev Sets Debut As Figaro at Moscow Pushkin Drama Theater

The play "The Marriage of Figaro" with Sergey Lazarev in the title role.

The day before there was the general run of the play, and in the evening on April 23 stellar friends of Lazarev came to evaluate the work of Sergey. Then the show will be a permanent part of the repertoire. There are the first shots – you can see the details of the costumes and scenery, as well as to evaluate Sergey Lazarev in the role of mocker and joker, once invented by the playwright Beaumarchais.

Sergey Lazarev about his role:

"I came to the Pushkin Theatre in 2001 – the year before I became known as a singer. Somehow, everybody forget this. (Smiles.) Sasha Ursulyak and I were classmates  at the School of the Moscow Art Theater and played together in my first play "Romeo and Juliet". It's my first collaboration with Vika Isakova, but neither I nor she feel some discomfort, because, being an invited artist, I am no stranger to the theater people. Nobody will be surprised to see me at a cast party, no one will sa y: "And what this guy is doing here ?!" In contrast, I feel respect from colleagues may be due to the fact that I am addicted to theatre, I take my work very pers onally, do not try to turn a solo, cancel all performances for the play.

When Evgeny offered me the role, I must confess, I could not clearly answer: can i afford it? Figaro – not an easy job, the great artists played this role. And if such a proposal was received from another produce r and another theater, I probably would not have agreed. But I trust  Pisarev, he knows me more than anyone else, knows what I can, believes in me. If he offers me a job, so he is absolutely aware of the fact that I can handle. Now, when the rehearsals in full swing, I can say "thank you for the trust, Pisarev". It will be very beautiful costume show in the grand scenery of the corresponding period. I really like the fact that the play is not about modern.

Count Almaviva – Alexander Arsent'ev, Figaro – Sergey Lazarev // Photo: Press service of the Moscow Pushkin Drama Theater

Countess Rosina – Victoria Isakova, Figaro – Sergey Lazarev, Suzanne – Alexander Ursulyak Cherubino – Sergey Kudryashov, Suzanne – Ursulyak Alexandra, Countess Rosina – Victoria Isakova Marcellina – Irina Byakova, Figaro – Sergey Lazarev

The scenery of the play performed in the form of ladder