Sergey Lazarev told about his addiction

The singer admitted how he "fills up" before concerts.

Sergey Lazarev Photo: @lazarevsergey (Instagram Sergey Lazarev) For nearly a year Sergey Lazarev has toured around the world with his incredible show «The best». Singer managed to perform at the Eurovision-2016 and start his own business – "confectionery" for the animals. It seems that Sergey simply never run out of power. Recently, the actor confessed that the only thing that helps him to deal with stress its addiction … to the sunlight.

"Battery charge before the big tour round! I can not without the sun … "- said Sergey.

Incidentally, Lazarev is now resting in Miami, where he came with his year-old son. The fact that the singer has a son became known not so long ago. Reporters learned of the existence of Sergey's son named Nikita. He himself was at first highly confused by the fact that his secret was exposed, and then, apparently, decided not to hide his son from the public and share  joint photographs on social networks.

Recall that Lazarev celebrated the Old New Year with his boyfriend Dmitry Kuznetsov and TV host Lera Kudyavtseva.


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