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Actor Pavel Derevyanko resting in the United States with Angelina Jolie's Look-ALike

40-year-old actor Pavel Derevyanko now rests in sunny Los Angeles with friends. He regularly posts holiday photos on Instagram. In the pictures, shared to Instgaram, actor is seen with a mysterious stranger who looks like Angelina Jolie.

The photos, shared by Paul, he is seen splashing in the pool, cuddling and doing selfie. In the comments the actor ironically observes: "It is very cold here, really." Star fans have already started to wonder who is the new darling of Derevyanko, and called her "Angelina Jolie's Look-Alike".

In the last photo the newly made "Jolie" appears on the pictures only in sunglasses, which adds even more mystery. But it's obvious that the young people enjoy the time they spend together.

Pavel is known as a true lover-bnoy. While the actor was unable to find the one with which he would like to live life. He had loud and brief romance with the actress Olga Dymsky, model Vera Goppen, singer Lena Knyazeva, restaurateur Joan Kim.

Actor reluctantly shares the details of his personal life. For example, when he was still in a relationship with Daria Myasishcheva fans learned about the appearance of daughter only a few months after her birth. 

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