Alina Kabaeva’s twin becomes Internet star

Olympic champion rarely appears in public. This time Kabaeva appeared at the international rhythmic gymnastics tournament – "Moscow Grand Prix 2017"  in late February. White dress, modest jewelry and silver heels … but all eyes on this day were not only on her. The audience turned around at the young spectator that came to watch the competition.

17-year-old gymnast from Novomoskovsk Julia Vostrugina was asked: "Are you a sister of Alina Kabaeva?".

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Julia has been training since she was about 5 years old, and at seven she met the star. She went to the idol at the competition: "Are you really Alina Kabaeva" She laughed in response, embraced her: "It seems to be." And even photographed with the girl on memory.

Even then Vostrugina heard from a coach that she is similar to the idol. She wondered: "We need to learn the exercises with a hoop, which was fatal for Kabaeva at the Olympics 2000, and to perform with it before Irina Viner."

"I repeated exercise, but could not show them what I got, – says Vostrugina. – Everything is very well, but we can not take you," – this was the verdict. I was upset because did not know the reasons – I performed smoothly with proficient technique. It took me a long time to get over failure. My family went to great lengths to help me in my sports career: moving from town to town, we spend a lot of money. Dad broke down and left us".

Love for a woman idol made the girl not only hope for a miracle, but also to continue her case. She started a blog on YouTube and became a leading analog of the Alina Kabaeva's program "Steps to Success". Julia gives advices to the beginning gymnasts and shows exercises.

"It's amazing, but I have already attracted nearly 20 thousand people! – Continues celebrity lookalike. – But will never sell advertising. My goal – to teach the kids and help them make the first steps in the sport. I will do good things for free, like Alina Kabaeva! "


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