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Gigi Hadid had a fight with a scandalous Ukrainian journalist


After one of the shows at Fashion Week in Milan journalist grabbed Gigi Hadid. The model proved that she is a woman who's not to be messed with - she might punch for such a daring behavior. 

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Sisters Gigi and Bella Hadid has become more and more popular. When the models went outside after the Max Mara show in Milan, they were, as usual, surrounded by fans and paparazzi. Suddenly a man grabbed Gigi from behind. It appeared to be a Ukrainian journalist Vitaly Sedyuk known for his antics with famous people (he crawled under the skirt of the actress America Ferrera on the red carpet, got kicked in the face by Will Smith, when he tried to kiss him, fell on his knees and hugged Leonardo DiCaprio). 

It should be noted, Gigi acted quickly. Model started to hit her attacker in the face with her fists and shouting obscenities. When Sedyuk tried to escape, Hadid followed him, shouting at him and continued to swear. The incident she commented on her Twitter:

"I am a human and have the right to defend myself. Why is this idiot thinks he can grab completely unknown person? Now he knows that he can get".

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