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Harry Potter's twin lives in Russia

23-year-old resident of Krasnoyarsk Nikolai Posled receives compliments and enthusiastic comments from strangers almost every day. Everybody pays attention to him because of his similarity to the British actor Daniel Radcliffe, who starred in the films about Harry Potter.   

Nikolai Posled said to TJournal portal, that the sudden popularity had fallen, bringing him little pleasure. Young man is not thrilled with the fact that everybody consistently staring at him. According to the young man who works as a merchandiser, fame interferes with career and other areas of life. 

By the way, Nicholas - a big fan of the books and films about Harry Potter. The fact that he is similar to the main character of the popular fantasy became known five years ago. 

However, he has not attracted so much followers on Instagram - only 1.5 thousand. In the comments under the pictures followers often write about how much Nikolai looks like a movie hero.



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