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HOW MUCH does New Year's Eve with Justin Bieber cost?


Bibs invites you to celebrate the New Year in just ... Half a million dollars ... Wow! The famous singer came up with the perfect way to earn some money for the New Year and at the same time to bring happiness to the fans. The scheme, which Bieber came up with is this: a wealthy fan of singer creativity buys a $ 500,000 VIP-ticket for the New Year's Eve concert. Then takes with him to nine friends on the show Bieber in Miami, blends in concert at LIV nightclub. In total, fans will spend 5 days at the resort Fontainebleau. 


The entertainment list will include: yachting, skiing, Lamborghini, Ferrari, Rolls-Royce or a McLaren, swimming in the huge swimming pool, relaxing in the spa and shopping in the coolest stores. And on New Year's Eve concert, guests can enjoy the performance of Bieber sitting at a table right in front of the stage, and in a closed speech at LIV can even chat with the singer.


BUT, to get to the party will be able only those who will buy the ticket faster than others. So if you want to spend New Year's Eve in Miami in the company and Bieber  - go!

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