Is Sergey Lazarev’s Son just a PR?


This was publicly reported by well-known music critic and open gay Sergei Sosedov. According to Sosedov, Sergey Lazarev decided to remind the public about himself, inventing heir named Nikita, which is already 2.5 years.  

"I heard the news about Lazarev's child on the radio and at first thought it was some chick who brought the child to Sergey to ask for more alimony – the critic says. – This is a common situation in show business. Sometimes people even in the age of majority come to artist and say: "I am your son." But then I learned that no woman pursued any legal action against Lazarev, he said about his paternity himself, after appearing in a video, where he is captured leaving the temple with his mother and little boy".   

Sosedov is sure that the singer took advantage of the situation to get a good PR, and the child, with whom he was, is not necessarily his son.

"I think if Lazarev really became a father, we would know about it as soon as the baby was born, rather than two and a half years later. Most likely, he came up with this story to hide his sexual orientation. But I do not believe him – critic says confidently. – It is bullshit, it would be better to introduce us his new boyfriend. I fully support Kirkorov who has children using surrogate mothers, I think he showed a good example of how to be a father, where, for some reason, it can not be done in a natural way. Well, if man can not be with a woman for love, but he needs heirs. In this situation, surrogacy – a real solution".

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