Ksenia Borodina became the host of a new show about love

Famous Russian TV presenter and actress Ksenia Borodina will lead a new show about love. The participants will be couples who want to save their marriage.

To broadcast the new show will be on the popular channel, TNT. The transfer is called “Save your love”. Followers of Xenia quickly drew an analogy with a past project, which she has been leading for many years. Borodin noted that to compare him with the controversial project “House 2” at least inappropriate.

According to her, viewers are waiting for something absolutely new that has never happened before on the national TV. On the new project the participants of the show are not looking for your love, and try by all means to save her and his crumbling marriage. To help them are professional psychologists, sexologists and other professionals.

“To build a relationship difficult, but even harder to keep. For me personally there is nothing more important than family, and I believe that if the couple has a desire to save their relationship, but they can’t do that, then they should be sure to help! This is what we do in a new project”, – told about the purpose of the project Borodin.

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