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Ksenia Rappoport and Ivan Yankovsky in the first trailer of the film "The Queen of Spades"

The network has the first trailer of Pavel Lungin's psychological thriller "Queen of Spades" based on the novel by Alexander Pushkin. According to excerpts of the film, the passion between the protagonists seething serious. 

Ksenia Rappoport and Filipp Yankovsky played a major role in the new film by Pavel Lungin. In the story, the opera diva Sophia Meyer returned to Russia after years of exile. Singer wants to put "Queen of Spades" by Tchaikovsky on the stage, where she once made her debut. Performance should be the highlight of the season, and all the actors wake up famous. A young singer of opera troupe Andrew dreams of fame and money, and "Queen of Spades" for him is the chance to achieve the desired. He is ready to do anything to get the role of German, and Sophia, who plays the role of the Countess, knows it. Opera diva begins a brutal game involving all the participants.

Originally they wanted to shoot the film in English, the script was written by the owner of "Oscar" for "The King's Speech" David Seidler. Pavel Lungin even negotiated with Uma Thurman for the lead role, but then he had to change it. 


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